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What are image hosting services?

Nowadays, storing pictures on a PC, a smartphone or a flash card is not so convenient. If something happens to a gadget, then everything will disappear. What is more, memory of such devices is limited and deleting photos is not a way out, because there are positive emotions connected to them. That is why people try to find new places to keep their photos. Special websites made for such situations are called image hosts.

The main advantage of such websites over other services is convenience. You don’t have to make any unnecessary movements in order to upload an image. Registration is not obligatory here. Just choose a picture and get a link to it. Then you can share it with your friends via other social networks.

What differs our service from others?

This photo hosting has a lot of benefits over other similar services. These are the following:

Via our website, you can store photos without any risks of losing them. All pictures will be kept here forever, unless you want to delete them. Some other services provide place for your files only for a limited period of time. It’s not a problem anymore.

Our image share service is completely free. It’s one of the best websites to use if your budget is restricted. It doesn’t matter whether you upload your own photos or represent a big company, you don’t have to care about your money.

We support PNG, JPG, TIFF and GIF. If you look at pictures from the Internet, you will see that most of them are made using these formats.

As you have already noticed, animated files can also be kept on the server. Add them to your blog to make it look more colorful.

People, who click your images on other websites, will be redirected to your photo albums. This is a great way to introduce new people to your talent.

Photo editor is available on the website. You can use it to make photos look even better. Why study Photoshop for a long time, if you can do everything you want right here?

Quality of pictures doesn’t get worse if you upload them here. It’s one of the main problems of other popular services, as they need to economize on every megabyte of servers.

It’s possible to sort photos by their meta-tags and other filters. It is a useful feature, in case you have too many photos. Finding them will much more convenient.

How to use the service?

There is an upload interface. This is a form in which you should specify the location of a photo on your personal computer or a mobile phone. It’s allowed to select several images at once. You can also put a link to the file if it’s already on the Internet. Then you have to point out parameters of the image, including its length and width. If necessary, you can also turn it or change its quality. Press a "Submit" and operation will be done. After that, you will be able to post a link to the photo wherever you want.

The picture will be available to everyone on the Internet, but you can change that by choosing right preferences.

As you see, using our image share website is very easy, so even a newcomer can understand everything very fast. All you have to do is follow the given instruction and pass a few steps.


Our free image hosting service doesn’t require registration. You don’t have to buy a subscription to use it for keeping and sharing photos. We care about users, and developers are trying very hard to make the website even more convenient for you. So, if you have any suggestions what features to add, then you can contact us via a special form.

Even though the service was initially made for computers, it can be used on mobile phones, as well. It’s well adapted, so uploading photos will not take much time. The interface of both mobile and desktop versions is quite simple. All users, regardless of how good their knowledge of electronic devices is, will not have any troubles on the website.

There are many tools to make pictures better. You can edit both a miniature and a picture itself. There is no need to download any third-party software, as everything is already on your browser. Special skills are not required for such an operation.

You can easily find a photo you need if you sort out all your stuff on the server. Create albums and folders to make using the website more enjoyable. There’s also an opportunity to search images by just typing their URL addresses in the correct field.

Our hosting service will keep all photos save and sound forever. Hacking is not a thing on the website, as it’s well-secured. We have backup servers, that’s why your images will not be lost even in case of unforeseen circumstances. Every person working on the website understands how much these pictures mean for users, that’s why saving them is our prior goal. So what are you waiting for? Try out all features of the service and don’t forget to tell your friends about it! You will not be disappointed!

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